EDmonton Rangers Sharks

Edmonton Rangers Sharks - Saturday morning training session

Edmonton Rangers Sharks - Saturday morning training session

Welcome to the EDmonton Rangers Youth FC - Sharks

First four games of the 2017/18 Season

My first report finds our boys 4 games into the season. The good news is we should have won all 4 games instead of 2. We did not lose the 2 games rather we gave them to the opposition. Over confidence, lack of organisation and perhaps our biggest Achilles heel far to much individuality on pitch. I applaud the boys for their brilliance on the ball but that type of play should only show up in our game when we as a team do all the basics right, only then should we showboat, only then can we truly earn the right to 'top bins' it!

Our first game was a Middlesex Cup game, which ended 4-11 a great win away from home against a strong, organised and confident team. A little concerning once we kicked off but we soon found our stride and played some truly wonderful passing football on an immaculate pitch. Poetry in motion. 

Our next game was a mid-week league fixture moved to a Saturday morning. At half time we were 7-4 up and playing well. But overconfidence, sitting back and letting Turnstyle's grit and determination win every ball saw them claw back 8 goals to win the game at full time 8-10.

Sunday morning saw tired and sore legs take to the pitch, our boys had played hard on Saturday and Sunday's game would be against Omonia. One thing you can be sure of Omonia will bring it. They are tough and well organised. The game kicked off with our boys playing some great passing football. But Omonia would not sit back and watch. They pushed hard and fast. We quickly created a 2 goal lead battling every inch of the way to finally go into half time 3-1 up. The second half saw The Sharks bang in another 2 to end the game 5-1, a well deserved victory. 

This Sunday afternoon saw our boys pulling into Rowley Lane car park. A 2pm kick off against Maccabi Whites. We started well with a wonderful goal a sublime bit of footie from Jahmari, Nelson and then onto Michael who slipped the perfect pass onto a blisteringly quick Henry to score the first goal. But Maccabi quickly punished the boys and pushed hard to generate a 2 goal lead. 3-1. The second half saw the boys battling, from the back Mishkath, Stefano, Noah and Christie to Nelson, Klajdi, Hamzah, Ervin, Jahmari, Michael and Henry pushing hard. The last few minutes of the game were incredible as the boys pushed hard and fast. Managing to pull back another goal as Hamzah managed to boot the ball over the line. 3-2 Moments later the whistle blew. 

The last 4 games have taught me this is an incredible team full of guts, ability and incredible personalities. The Sharks can play beautiful passing footie and when they do they are untouchable.

Lets focus on the basic lads and the rest will come.

Saturday 1st July 2017 - Tournament Results:

Edmonton Rangers Youth FC Sharks Tournament Results:

Qualifying rounds

Chettlecourt Black 0 - Dolphins 1

Dolphins 1 - Jean Te Le 0

What Star 2 - Dolphins 1

Dolphins 0 - East Ham 0

Sharks 0 - Chettlecourt Reds 3

Dragons FC 3 - Sharks 0

Hacqueyre FC 0 - Sharks 1

Sharks 1 - Jean Te Le 3

Qtr Finals 

Edmonton Rangers U12 Dolphins 1 - Chettlecourt Rangers Black 0

Semi Finals

Edmonton Rangers U12 Dolphins 0 - Rap-Aid 3

Sunday 25th June 2017 - Match report:

Edmonton Rangers Sharks 11 a-side pre-season friendly Against Harvesters - Home Game:

Well my friends, as the sun shone on our little patch of this green and pleasant land, 8 brave warriors took to the pitch to battle a full squad from Harvesters. 

We started well and pushed hard, our speed and tenacity completely hemming in Harvesters. For the first 10 - 15 minutes our positioning and play was exemplary, Harvesters just could not get out of their own half. 

But the lack of men and Harvesters organised play, saw them make a break, only to be stopped dead by the brick wall that is Christie! Like a giant from myth and legend he smashed down every attack, working in unison with Stefano, who would then pick up the loose ball and slip it through to Thomas. But even our brave lads couldn't be everywhere all the time, though they gave it a damn good try! Harvesters smashed the first one in. 0-1 What would our boys re-action be? How would they deal with the lack of men and the continuous onslaught of pressure?

Jahmari arrives adding another man to our ranks, bravely playing even though he was not well. We kicked off and again we pushed the organised and competent Harvesters back into their half, Henry, slipping the ball to Ronnie, Ronnie dancing with the ball like a mini Pelé spins past another Harvester player to then slip the ball onto our very own Messi - Kladji running with the ball who slips it between two players and onto the blisteringly fast feet of Thomas, somehow outrunning two players to slot the ball into the corner of the net. 

1-1 I could see the boys were tired, but from somewhere deep inside they stepped up another gear. Every player doing his duty without issue. Herschel, making save after spectacular save, Stefano playing stylish football, chipping the ball over a player, then calmly running round to collect the ball, leaving the Harvesters player wondering where the ball was as Stefano passed it onto Thomas, a quick 1, 2, with Henry and a lightning bolt blast but the Harvester's keeper makes an incredible save. Thomas' passion and energy like a nuclear reactor almost limitless. Our new players slotting in and doing their jobs well. Xavier working the wing like a T1000, (for the parents, that is a film reference to the Terminator robot Arnie plays) relentless!

But Harvesters organisation finds our boys short and they manage to claw one back. 1-2 to Harvesters. The whistle blows for the end of the first half. The boys come in, water gulped down, oranges chomped, instructions given.

Harvesters kick off, we close, again Christie the wall, smashes down the attack, swooping in like a hawk, Stefano picks up the loose ball, carrying the ball for 5 yards calmly slips the ball onto Ronnie, Ronnie to Kladji to Henry to Thomas, could he do it, he twists, turning one player as Henry runs up to support but the lack of men leaves Thomas having to do more work, he looses the ball, wins it back, passes it back to Henry, Henry runs wide and crosses it in to a waiting Thomas, he heads the ball only to have the keeper knock it wide. 

Our corner, we make great work of moving the ball only to end up putting the ball wide. Goal kick, Henry blasts past a sleeping Harvesters player picks up the ball and slides it onto Thomas' feet, Thomas feigns right and slots the ball with ultimate composure into the left side of the goal. 2-2. 

A few moments later our 10th man arrives Kirubel bolstering our defence just when we needed it. We re-position the boys to account for the extra men. Thomas on another run aided by Henry, Ronnie, Jahmari and Kladji blasts the ball into the back of the net - their keeper had no chance what a goal. What was happening! 3-2

Less than 8 mins on the clock found Harvesters battling hard, free kick given, their striker catches us napping and blasts the ball in, to even the score 3-3. 

Our original 8 now running on empty propped up by Jahmari and Kirubel battle on but neither side could make a dent in the defensive armour. The whistle blows full time. Ending in my opinion one of the gutsiest performances I have seen in a long while. 

Well done to each and everyone of you. The starting 8 all deserved men of the match! Go Sharks......

Sunday 4th June 2017 - Match report:

Edmonton Rangers Sharks first 11 a-side pre-season friendly

Welcome footie fans to the first pre-season friendly for our boys. As some of you know, next season our U12's move up an age bracket to become The Sharks u13s and step up both pitch and team sizes. 

Our first 11-a-side game against a disciplined and organised Whetstone Wanderers could not have started any better. With several new players our boys were already 3 up – passing the ball superbly, with the Shark’s captain barking orders like a drill sergeant. 

Throughout the game, as is the nature of pre-season friendlies, we experimented heavily with our team, tinkering the formation and cycling through our keepers. Perhaps this tinkering caught the boys unaware? Or was it perhaps complacency, the 3 goal lead causing them to think the game was all wrapped up? Whetstone bit back, taking a chunk out of the Sharks and peppering our keeper with shot after shot. Our midfield collapsed under this barrage and our back three struggled to keep Whetstone's strikers out. 

Time and time again our wingers made great runs only to have their shot saved or put out wide by a fingertip save. The unending waves of attack from Whetstone finally yielded a goal – 3 – 1. Soon after the first, a blistering shot from Whetstone made it 3 - 2. Our boys’ heads dropped. By the end of the first half Whetstone had clawed back 5 goals putting our boys on the back foot 5 - 3. 

The second half kicked off and Whetstone caught the Sharks napping, quickly making it 6-3. We then lost Stefano who came off injured. After the seventh goal from Whetstone hit the back of the Sharks’ net, we changed formation again, was it the new formation? Or the fighting Shark spirit? Somehow we managed to slow Whetstone down. After shoring up defensively, we were looking more solid, but our boys still couldn’t crack the Whetstone defence - time after time our shots went wide or were blocked by their defenders. 

The clock was ticking, what could we do? Then out of the blue, starting from the back 4, the Sharks slipped the ball pass Whetstone's midfield and onto Henry, who danced past the opposition midfield outpacing them – at full sprint the boy is uncatchable. After this deft run through the centre of the park he finished the move off with a well deserved goal, scoring the Sharks’ fourth. Michael urged the boys on, Thomas quickly collecting the ball for a centre kick and with the goal a renewed fighting spirit lifted the Sharks. Again we were on the attack, Jamari passing the ball onto Klajdi, our very own Messi, twisting and turning past every player and eventually finding Thomas who made a heart-bursting run scoring our fifth goal.  

With less than 10 minutes left Michael shouted out 'come on boys we can do this,' his battle cry heard and received by the rest of the team who turned the intensity up to 11! We scored again this time with a fine series of passing that Arsenal would have been proud of: Jamari slipping the ball to Thomas who passed the ball onto Sore who then blasted the ball into the top corner. Amazing, 6 - 7. Could the boys do it? Less than 5 minutes to go! 

Whetstone were left standing wondering what had happened to their 4 goal lead as Henry blasted in the last goal making it 7-7. 

Yes, it was just a friendly, but boy what a game - so proud of each and every boy and their determination.