Edmonton Rangers Youth Football Club Presentation Day 2016/17 Season

The sun shone brightly on our corner of the football world this weekend. As parents and players alike gathered to celebrate their teams victories and reflect on their defeats, across a great season.

As the kids played footie, chomped on burgers and chatted with team mates, Margaret and the team managers laid out the trophies and awards 

Our very own superstar Ash had the tunes blasting out all day long, while the crowds gathered, and consumed vast amounts of BBQ. 

As the teams lined up in age order the coaches, managers and parents cheered and clapped as the awards and trophies were handed out.  

The final event of the day was looming, Parents v Coaches! Who would win this battle of giants? The tensions were high. This North London derby had players loyalties pulled in two directions, would they support their parents? Or would their loyalties to club and badge have them supporting their managers? As I stepped into goal for the first half, my heart in mouth not wanting to let my team mates down or indeed my lads The U12s Sharks! 

The sun was blisteringly hot, the tension more so! As if in slow motion the ref raised his whistle and blew, the first half had started and we were off.

The instructions I had barked out at the kids all season started to flood my mind, don't do that, do this, look for the opportunity... 

The first half saw the coaches dominate moving the ball around well with only a few attempts at goal. Thankfully Uggs and Sean performing their roles in mid-field and defence like spartan warriors. Garth like a true sportsman had lent his boots to another player and played on in his trainers! Sukie, Ash and Richard making great runs but were just not able to finish with a goal. 

As the sun beat down the coaches started to show signs of fatigue and the parents had their first attempt at goal, I dove and batted the ball out and quickly scrambled to my feet to dive onto the ball. Mercifully the ref blew the whistle the end of the first half. A clean sheet for both teams. 

The 2nd half saw the parents come out fighting, spurred on by the kids. Dennis had stepped in to cover the goalkeeping duties for the Managers team. Thankfully he did I am not sure I would have been able to make the great saves he did.  

Ash made several great runs, twisting and turning around the opposition, showing some amazing ball skills. But even he could not break the deadlock. 

Time and again both teams pushed hard on the break only to find the back 3 acting in unison and stopping any attack. 

The final whistle blew - penalties... Could this game get any more tense? 

Both keepers made incredible saves! After 5 penalties were taken the score was 3 - 3! Sudden death! 

Despite an amazing dive, the parents had done it. 

What a game, what a day, they think it's all over, well it is now......